Not sure the "pro" idea is a good one. It's been tried before ....

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... and usually ends up becoming a "Motley Fool" scenario.  Information and stock commentary are rampant with hundreds of online journals for each sector.  I'm a 25 year vet investor/trader and though I have, in the past, purchased Barrons, WSJ, and IBD, the last 10 years I've found "subscriptions" to be a complete waste of money as the data is almost always available somewhere ... and usually faster than the subs provide.  SA is sometimes a good source of data on opinion, but it is doubtful they can consistently provide cutting edge insight beyond what most ppl gather with their own DD.    The answer?  Who knows ... everyone needs to monetize, I know.  Perhaps hire better analysts?

work together to cut cost ideas ,(1) 7500 jobs  (2) 4 different  company’s  200-300 mii cars

(3) charge up station s will be build faster more ideas (4) gives better product cost will come down  (5) tsla as 300- 600 miles  biger cars trucks of trucks,bus, tractors etc  tsla  leader 

Needs some help ,instead. Pulling him down open your mind ? Better ideas ?