Short attack articles.

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does Seeking Alpha allow anyone who wants to write a short selling attack article to write it if they want? There seems to be no real vetting process when it comes to obvious and predictable, and suspiciously timed short sell attack articles on certain companies on this site. It kind of seems like anything goes even if the article is just a short sell article written for the sole purpose of shaking out the longs of certain companies with solid fundamentals. It's just laughable when I read certain articles about certain companies, because it's so obvious that it's a short sell article and sometimes they just seem to pop up right when a certain stock is surging. It's ridiculous. I think it is slowly eroding seeking Alphas credibility. Seeking Alpha is becoming more and more known as a site where anyone including Anonymous authors, can post a short sell attack article on a company. I really believe that in the near future there are going to be lawsuits and investigations into naked short-selling practices involving stock manipulation through the use of short sell attack articles as one of the many weapons that certain hedge funds and short sell gurus use. I'm just very disappointed that Seeking Alpha seems to allow this without any checks and balances into who they allow to post certain articles and their motivations behind it. 

Rusty Iron

I agree. The constant attacks by hedge fund managers and short sellers are blatantly manipulative, personally profiting by driving down a specific stock. I suspect most Seeking Alpha readers are just regular people with an investment and interest in the Market. We're not day traders, hedge fund managers, short position profiteers. Maybe this Seeking Alpha site really isn't appropriate for us rank and file. Any suggestions as to other Market news web sites?