The Market Pinball Wizard is an awesome service!


I have been reading Seeking Alpha articles for 10 years or so.  Avi has the best free articles out there.  That is why I joined with the free trial membership.   Avi Gilburt couldn't predict the market better, unless he had a time machine.  His ability to give market movements and possibilities is pure mathematics based off of Fibonacci sequences.  He has Michael Golembesky (Magic Mike) and Jason Appel helping.  Their graphs and charts are incredibly accurate.  They stay in the forum ALL Day (at least one will answer your question within minutes, if not seconds).  The chat room is professional yet helpful.  People that do not like the service probably do not read or learn how to use the service.  If there are any complaints, I believe it's because those people won't put in the time to learn Elliot Wave analysis.  It takes time, but anything that is worth it, does.  Avi and Michael are like professors, and The Market Pinball Wizard is like a class.  They can only teach, explain and help.  The student must do some homework.  It is my belief this is the most beneficial finance class I have ever taken, and I have a degree in business and finance.  This group is making me more money than my degree.  Any complaining  whiners out there wanted someone else to do their homework for them, or maybe it just wasn't their thing.   Take the class!  It's worth a try.  He has other services, also, that are just as worthy.