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Deleting comments

Westfool 2 years ago in Website updated by XXYYZZZ 10 months ago 2

I think it would be great for us to easily go back and delete some of our comments if we wish. Sometimes in passion and debate it is easy to make comments which don't really reflect us or add to the investment discussion at hand.

Last I look we have to request to remove comments, but it really should be like an "edit" "check the box" "delete" option. I think this would benefit the community and then also allow it easier for readers to review relevant comments as someone could remove their hasty and/or unbeneficial comments.

Under review


Thanks the feedback. The issue with allowing comment deletion is that it would delete nested replies to that comments and other subsequent comments could become unintelligible.




Comments are getting deleted too liberally.  I know you have guidelines but I have seen so many terrible seeking alpha articles about investing in a company that when I comment and point out the flaws in the analysts logic, my comments get deleted.  I don't think I am being rash but rather being filtered and honestly think that seeking alpha is creating a platform for BS to be spread.  It is really discouraging and thinking of giving up on this site.