Comment liking and scrolling is broken (again)


You guys keep deploying untested changes to your website.  Why?

1.  Comment scrolling is now broken;|source:inbox_comment_notification

You're now appending "?source=content_type:react|source:inbox_comment_notification" to the notification link when someone responds to a post.  This appears to break the auto-scroll to the comment feature.  So, the article only loads to the top/title.  If I remove the extra portion of the URL the comment scroll works.

[You also have two ways in the UI of showing comments/new posts.  The original, which is a dropdown list from the bell icon, and a new right-slider.  Why are there two different ways of showing the same data?  In any event, for the above bug I'm referring to the right-slider notification]

2.  It appears that one cannot "like" a comment if it was auto-scrolled through one of these links.  I'm not sure what or how this happens but when clicking "like" from an auto scrolled comment rather than increment the like count I'm instead sent back to the top of the page.