All Notifications Not Displaying in App

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I am having the issue where the notifications on my phone (Android) lists x amount of articles to ready (and sometimes lists them) but when I click on that and go over to the notifications page on the SA app some are missing.

I read all my notified articles daily and delete the notification once read.




Could you please tell me version of app and Android?

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SA 4.15.8

Android 7.0


I am still having the problem. it is happening more frequently. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times to reset the counter and in a day or so the same thing happens.

SA Aleksandra Eskova
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do you remember the title of article? So I could check if it arrives to notifications by ID.

Thank you. 


I tested the system but reinstalling it on Wednesday and then viewing as normal until today. Currently it says I have 9 notifications for articles I can not see. They are : 

*CNBC : AT&T PAid Trump lawyer Cohel up to $600...
*Centurylink (CTL) Q1 2018 Results
*Avaya Holdings' (AVYA) CEO Jim Chirico On Q2
*Enbridge Inc 2018 Q1 - Results - Earnings Call
*Dominion seeks approval for North Carolina
*Engaged Capital udapes on portfolio hodlings
*Paulson added Goldcorp, exited Oasis Petroleum

The article itself does not seem to be the issue but that for some reason some will not be viewable in the notifications tab. And these sit and other build on that. 

To reiterate. I see the article in the notification on main screen of the phone, but when I go to the App they are not there under the notifications tab.


I am having the same issue


I'm also having this issue.  It's been going on for months for me.  This morning, the seeking alpha notification lists '80 stock news updates' for me to view.  However, when I click on it and go to the notifications tab within the app, sometimes one article shows up, sometimes a few, often none.  

I'm using a Galaxy S8+ running Android 8.0.0

SA Maya Natan

Thank you for your message and I apologize for the inconvenience

We are working on a fix for the notifications bug.

Please update the app as soon as a new version will be released.