Editorial process, submitted article status, approval and posting problems

Marcus Gillette 2 years ago updated by SA Editor Abby Carmel 2 years ago 1

I'm not sure of the proper channels to contact someone for a problem I'm encountering, so if there is a better channel, please let me know.

I wrote and submitted an article on December 29, 2017, to be reviewed by an editor before being posted. So far, I haven't seen the article posted, nor do I know where to check about its status.

When can I expect the article I submitted to be reviewed, posted, and compensated? It isn't clear (in the places I've searched on the feedback forums) the turnaround time on submitted articles, and the editorial review process.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated before I embark on writing other articles.

Many thanks,

Marcus Gillette

Hi Marcus,

I sent you feedback on that (great!) article two days later, Dec. 31. To view the feedback, please go to your authorboard. If you need more assistance, please contact contributors@seekingalpha.com.