Not getting notifications of my stocks

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Since update I cannot access notifications
Please cancel your settings are not accommodating
Notifications - how to remove them?
I cannot stop or manage the notifications a. I keep receiving all sort of notifications at any time of the day or night. Annoying.
Cannot get notifications. Message says not available at this time.
I can't turn off notifications. Keeps saying "try again later. Service not available"

I want to turn off some notifications not just mute them.

notifications page won't load


I want to shut off the notifications because I prefer to receive emails, but the app doesn't allow me to and states " service is unavailable, try again later". I have trying for over two weeks. Any ideas?


Can't get to any new notifications. App never loads
Notification is not working. It's just in refresh mode.
Feed settings do not work

My feed settings do not work.  Always says service is temporarily unavailable.  Check back later.  This is multiple day problem.  I'm removing all. After this post and reinstalling next week. 

Can't switch a notification off on a stock

can switch a notification off on a stock. It says service is not working you guys have more problems

I can't turn off notifications for stock symbols

I can't turn off notifications for anything in the settings. When i try to turn notifications off, it automatically resets it back on and says "service not available".

Off notification failed

i tried to turn off news notification several times on android app

But it couldnt off the notification

Plz verify this problem and fix it 

Cannot activate notifications column.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Seeking Alpha, re-synched with Google and relogged in. Cannot activate notifications. Keeps turning itself off. Is this a forever lost feature?

Notifications won't load

updated, yet notifications haven't loaded for months. 

service not available try again later

tyring to update notification preferences, keep getting this message. have tried periodically all day.

How on earth do shut off the notifications from making noise? The buttons on the top do nothing on an s8

it doesn't matter what combination of buttons l select on the notifications panel it make noise. Stop just add to the list.

Can't turn off notifications. Says service is unavailable

You switch any notification off and it just switches right back on and write on bottom "service is unavailable". Please fix, pretty major bug.

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SA Maya Natan
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We are releasing an app update with a fix. Stay tuned and make sure to download version 4.18.2 as soon as it will become available for you.


i cannot get. my notifications either 


I am not getting  the Pre-Market summary on my portfolio since July 19.  Before July 19 I would get continual Pop-Ups from Seeking Alpha to register or sign up.  I changed my password and the Pop-Ups stopped.  Now I am accessing Seeking Alpha through older Seeking Alpha e-mails and my sign is accepted by Seeking Alpha and S/A is still addressing me using my former password.  I am using Safari on a personal Apple computer, no one else uses this computer and I have not set up any filters. 


I am not getting the emails from Seeking Alpha.  My email address is

SA Maya Natan
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Thank you for your message and I apologize for the inconvenience.

We are working on a fix for the notifications-settings bug.

Please update the app as soon as a new version will be released.

SA Maya Natan
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We are releasing an app update with a fix. Stay tuned and make sure to download version 4.18.2 as soon as it will become available for you.