Covid: The Light-Show will prevail ...


Beyond all those COVID - disussions, instructions, failures and faults beyond all those already existing and blooming administrative expertises there is an admirable lag of solutions in curbing the spread. To wear masks or to contain people inside their places are short viewing and only individually protective measures that will not eradicate one only virus. Not containing the people but to eradicate the virus will show the right way to the end of the lasting tunnel. But how?

There is a technology that gives us hope: UV-C - light. The smooth and silent killer of all species without any sufficient protective bodies like mammals or birds or other species have. There are companies providing such light spreading technologies and a lot of institutions and governmental decision makers who have never ever heard about this phenomenon. But conceding that the virus will never ever leave us more protective and eradicating measures are in need to be installed to preserve us from one lockdown following the other.

First steps have been gone in Europe and the first supermarkets (EDEKA, Hamburg, Germany) and buses (Stadtwerke, Hanau, Germany) are protected from viruses by this admirable light. Within only some seconds the viruses are extinguished and the folks protected.  Why not install such measures in all the virus occupied official places and buildings, why not install these simple and cheap technology everywhere people are afraid of getting infected: Buses, trams, planes, ships, buildings, homes e.s.o..

The virus will never leave us any more and the measures to curb it must get ready to be installed everywhere. Best perspectives for companies like Signify, Philips, Osram and other light specialists. If You want to follow one of the inspiring examples read:   // or // // or //,S8CemfQ