First of all, let me say Thankyou to SA.  Your authors guidance and your sites information has made me money.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I would like to repay you with a company I have been following for 10 years.  

The ticker is GDLNF.  This company owns 100% of the 2nd largest rare earth deposit in the world.  Greenland lifted its moratorium on mining urianium in 2013.  RRs are usually embedded in urainium deposits.   This company received the first pre feasibility permit and the first feasibility permit Greenland has ever offered since the moratorium.   I am not as educated and do not have technical prowess as the SA authors.   I am asking SA to take notice of this amazing investment opportunity and write about it.  I hold shares of this for 10 years now.  I am writing you guys not to make the stock move.  I just want to alert your authors of a ground floor investment opportunity for your readers.  Please take a look and thank you again for all your guidance thus far.  

All my best,

John Abraham 

pro member