Help us optimize our quote page menu

SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago in Website • updated by Ralph Sesso 3 years ago 1

Hi All,

We are currently working on improving our quote pages. One test we are running moves our menu from the center of the page to the left side (in place of the ad). This gives us more room to expose all our great content and moves all options within the reach of one click.

One of the key challenges we face is how to organize and categorize our quote page menu. We'd like to crowd source this and ask you to help us with a "Card Sorting" exercise.

It's fun and only takes a few minutes to complete:

Help us make our quote pages awesome and grow the SA community!


I wrote a book called How to Up Your ROE.

I would like to add the Cover to my profile. Can you tell me how to do that.

Ralph Sesso