Intrusive ad

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I keep getting this intrusive ad about  kitchen cabinets that takes over the screen and shows a video - whether I click on it or not (and believe me, I try not to).  It makes the experience of using seeking Alpha app on my cell phone a painful one.



Thank you for flagging this and apologies that you are experiencing such a poor experience in our app. Are you are seeing this ad on any other app or site on your phone? The only reason I ask is that, we do not allow video ads on any of our properties and certainly no ads that would take over the screen. That being said, on occasion our advertising partners can violate our terms and serve something outside of our restrictions, so we will ensure that none of our partners are doing this.

Best regards,

Trevor Heal

VP of Business Operations

Seeking Alpha


I’m not sure if any other apps on my phone have this ad.

How are ads selected?  Based on cookies from browsing history?

I tried clearing my Safari cookies - no luck.  I still get this horrible ad.

What can you advise?