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Tech problems with website

skifun333 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 2

I am constantly having to renew the page I am viewing because it freezes. Also I'll click on another article and I'm no longer logged in to your site. Yet I seems as if I am logged in but I can't see my user picture. There's nowhere for me to actually log out so I can log in again. I seem to be in limbo where I can't see new comments on articles I'm following and I can't comment on any article at all. The bugs are getting extremely tiresome and obnoxious. Your adds make your web pages take forever and a day to load.

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What web browser & version are you using?

Trying to read anything on your website has become totally unbearable. Pages are constantly freezing. I'm always getting error messages saying the site is not responding or not responding because of long running scripts. It's impossible to get through even one article without having to refresh numerous times.

I'm at work using IE 11. I am unable to use any other browser since I'm at work.
I feel as though all the ads are the main culprit. They take forever to download and all the videos keep refreshing. It's the most horrendous internet experience I have ever had bar none. No other website comes even close to how miserable yours is.