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Country in Idea Filter

Brynjar 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

Hi, I am focused on Emerging Markets, so the country filter is important when searching for ideas. But filtering on for example China returns only a few hits, even though there are many articles on Chinese company. For example there is an article on Li Ning from August 15 2017 which is not appearing in the Idea filter. 

Under review


Thanks so much for writing in. It seems the article on Li Ning was not tagged properly as a "Long Idea" and we are going to fix that ASAP. It also seems like it's tagged as "Hong Kong" and not "China" so you may want to include that in future searches. Also, to find articles like the one from August 15th, you need to make sure you de-select "PRO Only" from the quality selection.



OK, thank you for your help!