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middleclass_canuck 2 years ago in Website updated by LarryMelman 2 years ago 5

Prior to one of the recent changes, we were able to navigate to any "page" of a user's comments.  For example, if a user had 10,000 comments over many, many pages, you could modify the URL to go to any page back in history.

This feature was valuable because Seeking Alpha is a good "BS detector"; it made it easy to confirm if a poster was changing their story on a ticker, or worth following.

Now, with this "infinite scroll" comments section, it's nigh impossible to go back into someone's comment history.  This was a horrible change, both from a usability standpoint and a research standpoint.

How do we get around this "feature"?

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I think that was removed a very long time ago. However, we do plan to add back the feature which allows you to filter comments by ticker. Would that help you accomplish your goal?

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for the reply.

I think that would alleviate part of the issue.  Perhaps a few more advanced filter options would help as well, like date?

SA is pretty much the best investing resource on the net, and the historical commentary is a big part of that.

Thanks again.


You should be able to review your own comment history or that of another user.  There is a longstanding bug, however, that causes only the first 50-ish comments to be displayed and then it loops back to the start again.  Deleting cookies sometimes helps.  SA has taken no action on this bug in almost 2 years.

Hi Larry,

Can you please provide a screenshot of this bug showing an older comment and then a newer one below it? Also, please provide the link to the page and the browser you are using.




Daniel, I have posted screen shots several times.  You should be able to find a thread here where I did that about once a week for a month or two, trying to convince you that this was a real problem.  You never replied.  Look it up.