Two suggestions for data downloads:

  1. Instead of showing "M" for million and "B" for billion show the downloaded data in thousands, ie a record of 1000 is 1 million;
  2. Enable downloading a consolidated file with "key metrics" for all tickers that were filtered out. Example:
    1. Apply you desired filters on your "Screen";
    2. Click the "x" icon to download the "key metrics" for the companies filtered out;
    3. The "key metrics" we want, are the same ones we receive when downloading individual company data from the "peers" tab;
    4. The final output should be one file with one tab only and no spaces between companies. The company ticker would be in column A and the rest of the "key metrics" would be displayed in the subsequent columns. Note: We do not want the peers displayed here, only the individual metrics for the tickers filtered out;
    5. Therefore. we will end up with 2 "x"s for excel download on the "Screen". 1 x for the list of filtered out tickers in its current format and another one which I explained above.

Please look into the feasibility of this requests, I believe it would make a big difference for many users on the website.