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The app won't let me turn off notifications.

ap07 1 year ago in Android App updated by danmaday 2 months ago 2

Says "service unavailable" every time I try to update app notification settings

Under review

Hello ap07,

Thanks for your note.

We are aware of this issue and have rolled out a new version that includes a fix for this bug.

At the moment it has been rolled out to a small portion of users and will be incrementally rolled out to our wider audience bit by bit to ensure quality.

I cannot speculate as to when this version update will be available to your specific account but I imagine it will be within a week's time. Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the Seeking Alpha app then.

We appreciate your patience and thanks for your continued support!



i have the latest version of the Android app and I still get flooded with notifications. It is swamping my phone storage. The Notification Cleaner all will not stop them.

Settings still are not working. HELP!!!!