Holdings showing 0 value and 0 gains even though many Shares are listed

El-Dorado 2 years ago in Android App updated by SA Aleksandra Eskova 2 years ago 7

When I tap on "$" to see my Holdings even though I have many shares listed with 100, 150, 1000 etc. shares the Values and Gains always appear as zero!

I have tried flushing both my SA app's cache and data with no improvement.

And I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the app again too with no improvement either.

Very frustrating problem!

Dear User, do you have Beta version installed? If possible, please provide the version of app you are using. Currently I see that problem is only on Beta version. Thank you.

I have V4.16.0(270) installed.

Thats right, it is Beta version.  You can leave Beta and download more stable production version - 4.15.8.

So why don't you tell me how I can get 4.15.8 ??!!

4.16.0 is the only version I see available on the Android Play Store !!

Please, I need to get this fixed asap already.


You can leave Beta in app settings in play store. But this may vary. If you won’t find where exactly to do, I’d suggest you to find instructions in internet how to do it specifically for your device.

I really don't believe that it is device dependent. So you should provide instructions how to do this. Not everyone is using an iPhone and the App Store....

Anyway I did it somehow... I found some green text in the Play Store in the SeekingAlpha app description that thanked me for participating in the beta and presenting a link to opt out. So I did. It then suggested I uninstall and reinstall so I did and now I am running 4.15.8 and the problem is fixed. I had no idea I was using the beta. Anyway you should provide Android users with steps next time on the play store. It is not very obvious.