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Not receiving e-mails

JanvdMeulen 2 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 1

Since several weeks I don't recieve e-mails from Seeking Alpha. My e-mail provider KPN in The Netherlands does not accept the e-mails because Seeking Alpha must adjust the DNS-records for Dmarc. The file that must be added can be found in mxtoolbox.com in domain Help. My e-mailadress ends with @kpnmail.nl. I sincerly hope that you can solve my problem, because the info I recieve from SA is very valuable!


Jan van der Meulen

Under review


Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request. If your emails worked a few weeks ago, there must have been a change with your email provider which they can reverse. Alternatively, you can register for Gmail and forward your SA emails to your desired address.