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ID and Password no Longer Works

anonymous 1 year ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 1 year ago 4

I receive daily e-mails without a problem. However, when I click on my Portfolio 1 at the bottom of my emails, your site will not let me login. I tried resetting my password but your site says that it does not have my email.  REALLY? Then how can I possibly receive daily emails from you????


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally fault on my end!

Satisfaction mark by anonymous 1 year ago

it worked when I tried forgot password with your email so I guess you will see a forgot password email in your inbox

All of my Portfolio information is gone. Your site no longer recognized my id and I had to setup a new one. However, I was still getting emails from you. The forgot password email is for the new ID I had to setup to simply get information.

please email me from the old account's email address so I can authorize you to jacob@seekingalpha.com and I will see if I can restore this account to you