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Posting with spinner won’t stop

bruceerikson 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by Keith Sikora 2 years ago 2

I post a comment and small square with rotating circle and word Posting comes up and won’t go away

Under review

Did you re-login after the latest app version update?

I have had the same issue for about the past 1-2 months as well. This causes me to have to quit the app after every post I make. Very annoying for articles with 900 posts. I originally thought it would be quickly taken care of, but I was wrong. I have tried quitting and reinstalling the app. Didn’t work. I even went out and bought a new iPhone (well, part of the reason) and this problem persists. Interestingly, if I get a notification of someone responding to my post and I open SA from the Notification Center, I can post a reply and not see the constant spinning “Posting” pop up.