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All articles locked

IntelligentInv 3 years ago in Website updated by PrimalNaCl 3 weeks ago 9

Why are sometimes all the articles on SA locked, all not just the PRO articles. Other times I can open them normally. Thanks

Under review


We have recently introduced a new PRO paywall which applies to all stock analysis articles which were published more than 10 days ago. Are you seeing a different behavior?


This change is horrible.  Especially for stocks that don't get a flood of articles.  Stocks that investors really need articles about.  For these, less loved stocks, the 10 day wall is extremely limiting.  It essentially locks ALL articles!  Please change the 10 day wall do something more reasonable like 6 months.  I've already started using Motley Fool at this point because I can no longer see any articles on SA.


Yes, I agree. I don't read Seeking Alpha near as much because all of the articles are locked. Seeking Alpha soon to be irrelevant. 

Yes, I agree with other comments. I use SA especially for stocks that have little or no coverage. Like NIO. So if SA continues with this approach it will become useless to me.

i agree..i have not spent time on SA for a while, and now i just pulled up my portfolio and every stock i selected had all articles, but perhaps one very recent one, locked!! 

and, i notice that almost all the commenters showing next to the portfolio are unknown to me.

I regrettably am finding SA of little value to me, whereas over the past several years it has been an invaluable resource for me as an individual investor.


Not a bug

Hi - please note all articles are unlocked for free for first 10 days. 


So locking articles is a feature! LOL 

Makes no financial sense to charge money for past articles and lots of comments unless SA is under pressure to hide the data.

Indeed.  This is terrible.  I'm trying to find a comment chain I was part of and now that it's beyond the window, I can't see it; asinine!