Scrolling Android contains a loop (in all screens)

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Dear Customer service,

Although I noticed a couple of questions / tickets about the abovementioned subject, there is more. It's not only the latest news in which the system has a loop, but with all labels. if I go to Trending for instance and choose 'latest articles' the same occurs. And so the system does not work for all other headers, like My authors.

For me, at the moment the service on the mobile app is actually no longer usable. I can't scroll back and so I have to go to the website.

Please correct, because it is extremely annoying to no longer be able to use the application. This disturbance has been going on for about 1.5 weeks now.

Kind regards,

Michel Winkler


Same for me. 

SA Nina Yablokova
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Dear Michel,

Could you please update your app via play market and check if you still face this issue. 

Looks like an old issue that was already fixed. 

Best regards, 

Nina Yablokova