Under review

Allow mobile web access - do not require your iOS app.

anonymous 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 3

Your app is terrible and you'll never make a good one just like every other content site that insists on making an app. Don't force it's use. Seeking Alpha is unusable on iOS, here's what happens:

- get email w/ portfolio alert

- click link on iOS, see full screen ad to install app (no way to bypass)

- install app, log in

- all requests fail with error, app sucks - I just want to view a web page

- since the app doesn't work and the web blocks me, I can't see anything until I get back to my laptop

Just keep it simple and allow web access. This is website feedback not iOS feedback since it's the website that prevents iOS mobile web traffic from seeing content.

This happens to me also, I don't want another stinking app, I just want to read the article on my Chrome browser on my phone, but you won't let me.  Why?

Same here. Why force me to use your app to read on iPhone? You don't do that on my PC. My iphone is cluttered with apps already. I don't need another one to do something that I can normally do perfectly with the existing web browser. At least give me the option like most do. Please explain.

Under review

If you try the app at least once (i.e. download, install, and login), you should be able to use the mobile web with no issues. We are seriously re-evaluating this requirement and will update if/when it's changed.