Closing Share prices are Incorrect

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I have found that closing share prices for a number of shares I track are incorrect. Attached is one of the many examples

Image 41084

Image 41085Image 41086Image 41087

I have been seeing similar things for a long time.  These errors occur frequently.  

Here i add additional information for one specific NYSE stock, SWZ.  

Over the weekend, the displayed SA SWZ closing price oscillated between 9.10 and 9.27,

The SA Feb 5 data changed 4 times between Feb 5 and Feb 8. 

Here are SWZ closing prices given by SA at the times indicated:
Feb 5 10:00 PM   9.27

Feb 6  1:00 PM       9.10

Feb 7 10:00 PM      9.27

Feb 8   1:00 PM      9.10    inferred Feb 5 close from market price and market change

Feb 8 10:00 PM      9.10    inferred Feb 5 Close from incorrect SWZ Feb 8 close=9.19, up 0.07 . 

As of 10 pm Feb 8, the SA close is shown as 9.17 which is incorrect.  

SWZ closed at $9.10 on Friday, Feb 5 per multiple data sources including

SWZ closed at $9.20 on Monday, Feb 8 per SuperCharts.

KF and several other symbols exhibited similar behavior.  If SA is interested, I have the data to show for it.