What would have happened to my 3Com stock I forgot about?

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I purchased $1,000 worth of 3Com in about 1999 then forgot about it. Any way to find out what happened to it?


HP bought 3Com for $7.90/share in cash.  The deal closed 4/12/2010.  If you held the shares at a firm such as Schwab, E-trade, etc., then your account would have received $7.90 x # shares you held.  If you're still with that firm, go back to the April 2010 statement and you'll see the incoming cash.  You would have reported this as a gain or loss on your taxes filed in 2011.  Now if by remote chance you had the stock certificates rather than a brokerage firm holding them - and never got the cash - you could contact HP investor relations for help. My guess is the former.