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Where exactly are you seeing this message? Can you post a screenshot please?

I would like to know how to unmute folks I've muted.  I can't find any unmute button although the mute button turns into unmute but never brings up any unmute page.  I've tried multiple times.


currently, you don't have any muted by you users. I believe you already found the solution.

In general you can unmute users in a couple of ways:

1. You see the list of muted user in your User Settings (https://seekingalpha.com/account/user_settings). Corresponding section ("Muting") will appear after you mute at least one user. By click on "edit" button you will have access to the full list of muted users with "Unmute" button

2. You can click Unmute button on corresponding User Profile, which will unmute user immediately without any further steps needed

3. You can author from tthe op unit in of his article

Please tell us if it solves your issue.