Putting articles older than 10 days behind a PRO paywall makes this site a LOT less useful.

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 And I'm sorry, but $75/mo is way too expensive for SA content. 95% of SA articles are just people touting whatever viewpoint supports their current trading position.


I truly agree and posted similar sentiments.


Agree.  Think the paywall idea is lousy.  Already bad enough that SA does not pay authors for hits from mobile devices, since mobile is about 50% of internet usage.  (I am not an author).


SA is obviously about biz models and I have to say the 10 day paywall is just extremely short sighted. 

You have done a great job of building a community of interesting Authors and insightful commentators that are very helpful in due diligence. But it is typical hubris to believe any biz can jack prices where they want. Your advertising clicks and dollars have gone up precisely because it was free, and you are not the only free site.

 I see no value add to match the price increase, it feels like pure greed since their is no cost to you past ten days, or an attempt to boost sales before selling the biz, as it does not help your clicks in the long term IMO. You have lost more clicks by charging than what $ will be brought in by the minority of people that, unlike me, will pay.

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A payment plan like a netflix(8-15) level of pricing would make it attractive for many potential members like me. however useful the articles are. at 75$ per month i might never buy the membership plan.


Agree, SA needs to consider a Netflix/Amazon Prime subscription price model. I think $10 a month or $100 a year PRO plan would be deemed way more reasonable by the bulk of the community. Bulls & Bears make money Pigs get slaughtered and right now at $75 a month SA is looking like a greedy pig.   


You're right.  Pigs get slaughtered and SA will deflate like an 3 day old party balloon because of its gouging readers and authors alike.  Who was the genius that came up with this idea?  They should get fired.


On top of that, conference call transcripts also go behind the paywall after 6 months or so.  SA is becoming pointless in a hurry.  What good is an investing website if it has no history of what happened?  Sorry, but most investors aren't going to pay $75/mo for what SA used to provide for free.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Reap the whirlwind SA.  It's what you deserve.