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Changes to my SA profile will not update or accept Save Changes Comand.

as10675 2 years ago in Website updated by Awaywego 2 years ago 5

When I attempt to update my profile the changes will not update/save.  The Save Changes button does nothing, acts like there is no connection for the update/save command.

I am having the same trouble. I have tried updating mine using Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The button shows it has been depressed, but the page just hangs.

I had this happen about 20 months ago, same problem that profile would not update.  Took about  three weeks to a month before it worked again.

Under review


This should now be fixed. Please let us know.

I can't get my old email address changed to a new email address.  The password will not be accepted even tho it is a new password obtained thru seeking alpha.  When I hit the saved button, the notation "there is an error in your address" comes up.  Very frustrating!