lack of moderation

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i make occasional snarky comments but to read so many attacks it's like an elementary schoolyard. even your authors do so. i am just a working class individual trying to make my retirement fund grow. i am not an engineer or an accountant. i am just trying to learn new things. imagine if you wanted to go to school for something but your instructor engaged in bullying if you did not know the subject already. why is SA so bad about this? should there be more moderation perhaps? there are other users who go out of their way to defend the little guy but i think most people are probably afraid to engage. it is getting ridiculous. i think you have more trolls than people genuinely using the site for knowledge! ...and i would include some of your contributors as trolls. that is the main reason i won't pay for the premium service.


Great point. Worse, I was put on moderation last summer for calling out one of their authors for over-promotion, yet he's still going nuts and I am still on moderation, even though I've never attacked anyone.