Links in "How to" Emails Error Out

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I received a good introductory email entitled "How to assess any stock using Premium symbol summary pages"

The 'click here' links inside the email for learning more lead to and they all reload the page about ten consecutive times and then error out.       

What I note is that the when they are erroring out, the header shows a "Sign in" link.  I'm not in a logged in state.

When I navigate to via other paths from your web site, such as to submit feedback, the header instead shows 'anonymous'.   Seemingly it has authenticated me as a generic user named anonymous.    When I subsequently return to the knowledgebase articles that were previously loading repeatedly and erroring out, they now display just fine.

I think what's happening is that you've implemented using a single generic account for most users; but the links from the how to emails I received don't redirect through the necessary authentication path to log me in with the anonymous user account and so when the knowledgebase page loads it is continuously redirecting me until the session errors out.   (