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Hi S/A,


I noticed you changed the earnings data on the Revenue line on the Earnings Tab for each stock. It used to have the Y/Y % growth next to the revenue number and now it has the revenue surprise %. Is this a change that is going to stay going forward as the Y/Y growth was very informative (much more than the revenue surprise %)?


I vote for reverting back to the old method. Below are my thoughts on why the Y/Y % is much better for your community to spur users to make the best investment decision possible.


Seeing the old format of Y/Y % revenue growth was a distinguishing factor of SA over other websites and is much more useful for sound investment analysis than showing the Revenue Surprise %. Seeing trend revenue growth shows a better picture of the stock's movement and potential than just surprises as this can be caused/manipulated by Wall Street Analyst prediction, excessive upward/downward guidance, or lack of analyst covering the stock to provide reasonable estimates. Having Y/Y revenue growth allows investors to quickly synthesize the company’s growth history and make informed forecasts instead of just relying on external analysts assumptions.

Also, the way you've currently set it up is very confusing as the it makes it seem the % is revenue growth and not the percentage of the revenue surprise you seem to be going for. You should put this after the beat/missed revenue number. 


I've attached a screenshot of my question/suggestion below using NKE. You'll see my suggestions and inconsistencies that I see in your current method.

Image 3209

SA Admin Daniel Hochman
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Thanks so much for reporting this issue. We have fixed this specific issue. We also added many new tabs under "Earnings" including estimates. We would love to hear your feedback about these new features.