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I’ve followed Seeking Alpha for years and have enjoyed your site. Since you’ve decided to start a subscription offering a large percentage of articles I click on are blocked, unless I pay to see them. I’m finding this sudden transition to be rather jarring, like going down a road and suddenly hitting a wall that popped up out of nowhere.

As result I find myself opening fewer emails and, as an extension, avoiding your site to go to others. I expect one day in the near future I’ll spontaneously hit the unsubscribe button when I’ve hit my limit, not in terms of the “free” articles I’m graciously permitted to read, but in terms of irritation in once again being blocked. I appreciation the need to make money to stay in business but this doesn’t seem a very adroit way to do it.

So why don’t I cough up the money to subscribe?
As the marketing folks are fond of saying, your product isn’t fungible and you’re in a very competitive market. While I have appreciated Seeking Alpha as resource I don’t think your pricing makes you competitive in terms of value received.

A follow on thought. You might consider flagging articles in the email as Subscription Required, it may reduce the irritation and annoyance generated in starting to read a piece and have it blocked. It would be interesting to see the research on how this change is being received.

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I too am in the same situation. I've read SA for some time and now I still get articles delivered to my email on stocks I follow, except I can't read them. Very frustrating. I get SA needs to make money. I understood, the free articles I read were delivered days after the Paid portion of SA got them.

Excellent idea to flag the articles that require paid subscription and stop sending me emails for articles that I cannot open. If none of them are free, I will soon be unsubscribing.