Seeking Alpha has sold us out!


Hello everyone,

This is the first time I've posted on this forum.

Hopefully the Admins read this and see the error of their ways.

What website of any merit doesn't have some kind of "Contact" page, specifically email?

I'm a novice investor, mostly going the dividend way. My holdings are small and I like to read, learn, and I have a large appetite of understanding perspectives. I really enjoy reading another point of view on a subject and learn in the process. That was part of the allure of Seeking Alpha.

Sadly, I've noticed over the last few weeks that every email I receive, all of the articles inside are not readable.

I get hit with a pop up to pay for a $19.99 a month subscription.

It's like a bad commercial on late night TV.

999 easy payments of $9.99...

To sum this up, I'm posting my frustration about the utter idiocy Seeking Alpha has adopted. I came here thinking I could learn about investing, companies, and a genuinely welcoming community that shared my interest in investing.

Unless Seeking Alpha changes their ways, I think we should all move on to a different place to get our information.