Tax Strategies

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This is to hereby request SA add a Tax Strategies option under the Analysis tab (or a Retirement Tax Strategies section) to encourage folks to write about this topic.  Many of us come here to build our portfolios to be able to retire comfortably, and for some of us, early.  But, there is a bit of a vacuum out there in cyberland with regard to tax efficient strategies to live off of those portfolios.

George Moriarty

Hi Ferrell, Because taxes are so tricky, and vary, the best advice on that is often to consult with your tax advisor. That said, you make a fair point that this is a hole in the discussion, and we will try to find ways to do this effectively. 




The only guaranteed tax mistake is paying too little. Every year, people come into my office complaining about their tax bills. They are barely getting by, and the government is giving them a broke. After all these years, they still don't know that the IRS will send you a bill to force you to increase your withholding if you get a return that low. But if you pay too much, you could end up paying interest on top of what you already owe. To get this problem solved, you can work with the guys from They are the best experts on the market.


Taxes are so complicated and super tricky. That's why, if you are trying to find a way to get rid of them or try to pay less, that you'll have no success. Especially in this domain, it's better to consult an expert or have someone who may help you with paystubs. I was so overwhelmed about all these taxes and started to find some options to get all the checks faster and make sure I didn't commit any mistakes. Of course, the market is total, but you can find some lovely platforms if you search. I haven't done any calculations by hand for years because of the platform I'm using.