Moderation Will Delete Members' Legitimate Posts that are responses to Filth Posts - This is dirty work

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Moderation has the whole system rigged.  It has its "pets" that it allows to post the most filthy, abusive posts that are posted as stalking posts, following you around, ready to post more filthy garbage, name-calling, degrading trash -- but when you report THEM, their posts are not deleted.  And if you keep reporting them, asking Moderation to stop them from engaging in their filthy behavior, which is against SA's TOS, Moderation turns around & censors YOU instead.

I've had many such posters (& they collude with each other, supporting & adding additional abusive responses) but particularly in the past two days, trader_xx, has gone to extremes, relentlessly posting degrading filth of every kind imaginable.

What happens when I report it as Abuse?  Moderation will not even RESPOND to me, even if I report the post by choosing "Other" where you can explain in detail the abuse this person has posted, and how GROSS the poster's violations are of every SA rule in Terms of Service.  I GET MY POSTS DELETED! 

If Moderation operates in this unacceptable manner, protecting the trash attackers who post, and deleting the posters who report them, there is obviously something profoundly wrong with Moderation, and this probably extends through to the top of those who run SA.  This is beyond pathetic, and I don't need to deal with a site who allows abusive posts to be placed in quantity to me, then report them, & then have MY posts deleted instead.  This is beyond twisted and sick. 


It is absolutely complete dogshit.

Lately, I cannot post any facts about the downside of this fragile economy without it being deleted.

The moderator is lousy.

I've had enough of this one sided bullshit.