There's way too way a gap between FREE and $75/month!

AllesandroG 2 years ago updated by Alex Pitti 2 years ago 2

As much as I understand the need for financial support, and as much as I value reading articles and their subsequent discussions on SA, the jump from free to $75 monthly is a shocking jolt. The community is certain to shrink in size as a result, and among other negatives, there goes the significant value often found among the comments following most articles. 

As a subscriber to more than one "newsletter" in the $200-$400 range, I am not averse to paying for content. But newsletters provide curated, focused content, while SA is a do-it-yourself research source. To be sure, it's an excellent one to which I would willingly contribute, as I do voluntarily to Wikipedia. But not at $75/month. Instead, a single-digit monthly subscription price would produce a major increase in revenue from the current free-for-most, without the likelihood of risking a major loss of community members, and would quite likely produce greater overall revenue than the small fraction of current readers willing and able to shell out $900/year.


That headline should read "There's way to big a gap between FREE and $75/month!"

I'm almost positive Seeking Alpha management is reading these comments and looking at early signups to see if they need to change. They likely will re-calibrate the offering to make it more consumer friendly. However, it's funny how some people complained about it being $30 per month and then the price ended up being $75. We all seem to think about $10 per month would be fair.