Earnings call transcripst in PRO??? That's not even original content!

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Why cannot we access earnings call transcripts of the past for free?

Locking them behind a paywall is nonsense as they provide no original content created by SA authors.

What's the reason? Please explain!

And as you have changed your mind on this issue recently (when you unlocked the transcripts) I hope the current issue is rather a bug than a feature.

SA Admin Daniel Hochman
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The latest quarter's  transcript is still freely available, but historical transcripts are now only available to PRO subscribers. Although they are sourced from freely available conference calls, our transcripts are indeed original content and we have an entire team dedicated to producing them.





that's incorrect.

Look at the latest transcript from O: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4117118-realty-incomes-o-ceo-john-case-q3-2017-results-earnings-call-transcript

Why is it behind the paywall then?

Michael Boyd

Daniel I'd recommend you reach out to your affiliate partners for transcripts. Nasdaq, Conferencecalltranscripts.org, and others all still note them as free, so wording needs to be changed with partners.


Thanks Michael for pointing that out.

Sdavid82- the current logic is that transcripts stay free for 100 days and that usually results in the latest quarter being available. However, in the case of "O" you are correct. We will look into changing that logic.