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Price is not updating

Chen Greg 2 years ago updated by Out_on_a_limb 2 years ago 8

i notice a few time the price is not updating for more than a hour.  For example today Dolarama drop 19% and it still showing positive

Under review


What page where you seeing this on?

Portfolio page. Kind of systematic after hours, now.

Especially related to ADRs quotes.

Portfolio page all wrong now.

I have same issue with SQ stock in multiple portfolios, stock page correct, just not updating on portfolio view

Hi. Notifications is not updating on my Android. Today I didn't get Alert for buying DGAZ.

Same thing again after hours. Figures are absolute rubbish. Impossible to know what happened to the portfolio today. Quite annoying, and still under review. It seems related to the feed, as it happens repetitively.

Same today. This happens after hours. Please, can you come back on this?