What Seeking Alpha management doesn't understand about the new PRO policy

dcxavier 2 years ago updated by stocksman99 2 years ago 1

The value of Seeking Alpha articles isn't only from the authors.  Very intelligent and knowledgeable people add enriching detail in the comment section of the articles... for free.  Many times, the information they provide is far more useful and accurate than that in the article itself.  I think virtually all regular SA users can vouch for this.  I often find the comment section of articles to be far more interesting than the article itself.  This policy essentially diminishes the usefulness of the whole SA archive.  Why should we take time to add perspective or engage in debate in this forum?  Should people who comment to articles get paid by the reply (and I'm half serious about this)?  It seems that SA management doesn't exactly understand why investors use their platform.

Yes, unintended consequences.  Losing your core group could deplete the good ideas and interaction on SA.  I am very fearful of this.  Half the content on SA is provided free by the "non-subscribers".  Don't ruin a good thing.