SA doesn't recognize my email address

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I recently re-installed SA on my iphone in order to fix a known problem (SA alerts received via email fail to open the corresponding article in the SA app, articles missing in SA app).

Since then, I can't log into SA app anymore. When entering my email address, SA asks me to enter a password in order to 'create a new account'. So clearly SA doesn't recognize the email address as an existing one.

I've had that problem forever on my ipad, now it's the same on the iphone. No problems logging in and out of web version.

Hint: 1 or 2 years ago, I changed the email address associated with my account, and I wonder if that is the root cause of the problem.



You should be able to login now. 


thanks, can log in on iphone and ipad now!

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You should be able to login now. 

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Make sure you are entering your email address correctly. 

From what I see you shouldn't have a problem logging in with this email. Do you remember your password?

If you forgot your password you can always recover it by entering your email address and on the password screen tap on “Forgot Password”. You will get an email from Seeking Alpha with a One-Click Setup link. This will log you back in.

Hi Maya, 

I haven't forgotten my password and have no problems logging on in the web version.

I have by now entered my email address dozens of times, also after uninstalling/reinstalling the app. 

The problem is that the app never lets me enter the password, becauseit doesn't recognize the email and instead thinks I want to create a new account and lets me choose a password. See screenshots attached.

Of course I tried entering my existing password, but all that happens is sends the app thinking forever.