How can I be sure that contributors or their employers are not paid by companies to promote them on Seeking Alpha?

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George Moriarty

I'm going to answer this question by sharing several, but not all, of the processes we follow to ensure the integrity of our platform. 

Among the layers of security employed: we obtain and independently validate personal information on all contributors; we require disclosure of third-party affiliations; we review sources of stock promotion information routinely; we investigate every dispute we receive, particularly when there are allegations of improper behavior. 

Our confidence in this process stems from the fact that people seeking to skirt the rules would have to lie under their own names, and they have to have confidence that our independent verifications won't unearth their behavior. Further, as some people do test the process, we have a one-strike you're out rule for violations of disclosure rules. 

I hope you understand I was not specific because I don't want to provide a ne'er-do-well with a roadmap to get around our processes. 

Thanks for the question.