Maintaining sort order while moving between tabs in portfolios

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So, when I'm looking at various positions in a portfolio and I sort, that sorted order doesn't "hold" when I switch to a different tab. For example, if I want to see sort highest to lowest 3-year free cash flow (FCF 3YR) in the Growth tab and then switch to the Ratings tab to see what those top FCF stock ratings are like, I can't because when I switch to the Ratings tab, the positions are in a different sort order. And, there is no way that I can tell to put them in FCF 3YR sort order in the ratings tab.

"A way," perhaps, is to provide a single table - instead of tabbed, separate tables - that a subscriber could then select what items they want to view. That would keep all of the data on one screen, hide items that customers are not interested in, and keep the sort order consistent. It would also solve a problem I separately mentioned in feedback about downloading to a single worksheet in Excel instead of multiple worksheets in a workbook.

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Downloading Portolio into SINGLE Worksheet?

Is there not some way to download a portfolio - with all of the data from the various topics (growth, performance, etc.) without it becoming multiple tabs in the spreadsheet? I'd like all of the data in ONE worksheet so I don't have to keep moving from tab to tab and resorting each time I look at a different tab.

NOTE: I LOVE that I can download the data, so please never lose that functionality!

SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
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Thanks for the feedback, I'll relay the same to our product team.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst