BEWARE Linking Brokerage Account

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I uploaded/linked my Robinhood Brokerage Account to my Seeking Alpha Account, several days ago, and today I received a 2 factor authentication code on my phone in the middle of the night. Obviously for that to happen my password was entered. I have had the account for over 1 year and my password was NEVER compromised. 

Now 3 days after linking my brokerage account, someone tried to hack my account. I knew I should have never done it or trusted this service, my gut told me not to do it.  By the grace of God I have 2 factor enabled on my account and they did not gain access. BEWARE when linking your accounts!!!

I can not express enough how disappointed I am, how scared and terrified that was to wake up too. Seeking Alpha has excellent articles and research, but this is obviously unacceptable.


God, I wonder how a hacker found their way to your brokerage info through SA’s service? Hope they closed this vulnerability.