Need PRO option between $0 & $75/mo-$900 a year

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Would like to subscribe and even to pay a fee to support Seeking Alpha.  But scaled options would gain more subscribers, or a lower initial monthly fee.  It's not clear that Pro provides any subscriber benefits to specialized lists for particular authors.  The ability to auto enroll without an extra fee in 3-5 such specialized lists could be part of the $75 mo level.  But without such extra benefits, PRO monthly fee could be $10 or 20.  Much wider footing of subscribers. 

So please exercise some creative thought about how to scale options, benefits & fees so that more readers will opt for financial support for Seeking Alpha.  Thanks


I was going to leave my own feedback, but I will comment here.  I hope you take my comment seriously.  I have no problem paying for content, but $75/month for your "basic pro" product is ridiculous.  I am sorry to use the strong language, but I think you must really not understand your user base if you believe that pro options for $75 and $200 per month are going to attract many individual investors.  I subscribe to newsletters, I am wiling to pay for content.  But not at these inexplicably high prices.


I can only wholeheartedly concur.  Whoever is doing this pricing has no business sense nor any understanding

of the average SA subscriber.  There are many high quality newsletters which charge a fraction of NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS/year.  I am an avid SA reader, but I would never pay $900. per year unless you threw in

an $800. gift card. 


I, also, am an avid SA reader.  I feel that the new policy of putting older articles in the Pro category is unreasonable. The great majority of us cannot afford Pro and we are the backbone of SA. This new policy is the antithesis of what SA has always been about.  I would hope that SA is not becoming elitist (catering to those who can afford Pro). 

David Jackson

Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback. Listening carefully...


I agree. I just received notice about the BIVV acquisition. Guess what? ALL the articles are locked unless I cough up the subscription fee for pro. Really? Thanks for leaving me with no access to this, with no notice,  after reading your site for years. I am not going to pay you $900 per year. Be reasonable. You are being too greedy and your membership numbers will suffer.

I looked into Pro a few years ago. As I recall, the fee was over $5k to join Pro at that time. Why do you think I fired my financial advisor?  I'm getting close to retirement and I just can't pay what you are asking for one financial source.