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Crappy website - virtually unreadable.

plips71755 1 year ago in iPad updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 1 year ago 2

This website is virtually unreadable.  The type is too small and too pale.  And you don’t have the 3 bar option on the address bar that you can click on and have a better page pop up with the option to change the font size, style and background color for the page you are on.  This is not the same as under accessibility that tries to make changes for all sites.  Even this form is difficult to read.  Seeking Alpha doesn’t want to hear complaints or new ideas.  They pay no attention to the complaints on Apple (where you get the app).  They have more bad reviews than good and it gets worse with every upgrade. 

Agreed.  Given that many investors are often older age like myself great eyesight is needed to read this sight.  Evidently no thought has been given to this pronblem.

Under review


Which pages on the website are you referring to specifically ?