Reason for unsubscribing

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I want to provide my reason for unsubscribing from your emails so that you can consider making things more user-friendly for remaining subscribers.

I received daily emails as a result of subscribing to your mailing list.  However, whenever I click on an article I want to read from within the email I am told I have reached my limit of free articles and need to subscribe.

If I then follow the link to the subscription page and sign in with the credentials I created when I subscribed, I am directed to a general landing page, and not the article I was attempting to read.

This is not at all user friendly and completely defeats the object of receiving a daily email.

My suggestion is to make it possible to directly access the articles via the links provided in the email.  Since you need to be subscribed to receive the email in the first place this should not be be a complex process from the user side.


I can't even find the unsubscribe button.  When a website has to hide the unsubscribe button you just know it's a dog.  I just want out - I read one article somewhere and was forced to join.