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navs going missing?

gonecycling 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 7

Mutual Fund prices are gradually disappearing. First to vanish was VTINX, then 2 days later, VTWNX. 

Have you been fired by Vanguard?  Who's next to go?

The symbols still appear in my portfolio - but the only data remaining is the number of shares I entered.

What gives?  

I see the same problem in my portfolio of mutual funds.

Yes, particularly mutual funds. Some days some appear - then they vanish again. 

I'm beginning to think SA's gone to sleep..

same problem has cropped up again. Same Vanguard funds...  Hellllooooo?

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Which data and which tickers are missing for you?

VTINX (for example) is working for me:


seems intermittent - was working again the next day. Only those two funds fail to update values even though I show holdings in each. Thanks for reply. Working for now.

I do not see this problem.  All my stocks and mutual funds are showing correctly.

However, I do not have any Vanguard funds.

Please let us know if the issue happens again.