Any plans to add Canadian exchanges (TSX; TSXV; etc)?

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Any plans to add Canadian exchanges (TSX; TSXV; etc)?   I tried to add ABCN and PTK to my portfolio but cannot.

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Under review


We are looking into adding various global equities.

If others would also like to see Canadian tickers added to SA, please +1 this topic and add any comments.

Under review

I merged this request with a previous one. We are currently seriously considering adding Canadian tickers along with other global equities.

You already have one Canadian company, Just Energy (JE), and it trades on the NYSE. The 50 cent dividend is paid in Canadian dollars, however, so after conversion to USD you don't get 50 cents. The yield you are showingfor JE is the CAD dividend divided by the USD share price -- this is not the correct yield.


Cannot believe that even Canada tickers are not supported or possible to include in the portfolio. Bye bye!

My base is Euro, but I try to buy and follow all my stocks in their home currency. To see at SA RY and TD in USD confuses me every other day.

Still no Canadian stocks?  Any better solution than Seeking Alpha for us Canucks?

investing.com and ca.investing.com

You can follow stocks on Canadian markets


I agree, it would be helpful to have Canadian tickers added. I would expect a site such as this one to have that option.


wow, this thread started 2 years ago, but no Canadian tickers added

to me as a Canadian, this is a big drawback for using SA portfolios

this thread with 11 upvotes does not reflect the true demand for Cdn tickers

I have Canadian bank stocks and own them in Canadian dollars.  You show the stocks but in us dollars

Yes, please include TSX like Barchart.com. There are many, many Canadian companies listed on both US and Canadian exchanges. It would be fantastic. Shalom.

This should have been done years ago. I don't understand why SA is dragging its feet. Currently there are no competing boards covering the TSX. 

Most investment in the TSX is American, and the TSX is the foremost exchange for mining, energy, and now cannabis companies in the world.