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Wrong prices for a number of stocks

rockyteo 1 year ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 7 months ago 2

I mentioned earlier this problem of portfolio showing wrong prices for a number of stocks. This happened for probably two days in a row, or more?

For example, the closing prices for 20/September shown by Seeking Alpha portfolio are as follows, with the correct ones shown by other websites in brackets

NVTA 16.52 (16.89)

ICPT 120.60 (118.85)

BLUE 137.20 (141.90)

FGEN 56.80 (59.00)

VCYT 10.53 (10.17)

These are just a samples of the wrongly priced counters, there are a few m

i have the same issue. 

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Which stocks are not showing correctly for you?